Our currently most elaborate paper wallpaper runs through the Julius a total of 72 times, the simplest one already twice.
All of this is done with loving attention to detail in our Odenwald factory. Here you can get exclusive insights into our process.

Negative position

Each individual color is applied to the paper one after the other using the screen printing technique. At the beginning of the process, a hand-painted negative is created. The motif is applied to translucent paper using black ink.

Exposure process

First glazed with a light-sensitive layer, the negative is placed on the screen. The subsequent exposure hardens the areas that were hit by the light. This makes the screen partially opaque.


From mixing the colors to the squeegee sequences to the complex printing process, we work together hand in hand on our production line.


We pay attention to the desired quality in all process steps, which we finally confirm for each individual roll with our seal of approval.

Art Nouveau wallpaper with tulips

Each individual roll is unique and of the highest quality.

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