The production of our handmade wallpapers begins long before printing. Inspired by found objects, we elaborately reconstruct historical patterns or design our own. Meanwhile, our collection includes over 700 wallpapers and borders.

We use only the best materials for the production of our wallpapers. Color-intensive, light-fast artist colors and high-quality paper keep our wallpapers alive even after years. The unique manufacturing process makes each wallpaper unique.

Color by color is then printed on top of each other on a hand-painted base. Our "ribbon screen printing" machine was designed by legendary aircraft builder Willy Messerschnitt and is the only working one of its kind. Our goal is to combine handcrafted tradition with modern zeitgeist.


1. the basics

First, patterns are reconstructed from found objects and drawn by hand. Up to 36 colors are then matched down to the last detail.

2. creation of the sieve plates

A special process is now used to create a screen plate for each color.

3. first printing

The first color is applied by hand printing with our unique machine, designed by the legendary aircraft builder Willy Messerschmitt.

4. drying

For prints with a lot of color, the wallpaper is then gently dried to get the best result.

5. finished wallpaper with a print

The first print is ready and the wallpaper could so already on the wall, however, still comes the second print in black.

6. second printing

After applying the second color, the wallpaper gets its expressiveness. Sometimes it does not take many colors to make an exclusive wallpaper.

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